Dania Sierra was born in Havana Cuba and at the age of four moved to the United States. After living in the states for some time Ms. Sierra started to refine her artistic techniques with classes at Barry College, Florida Career Institute and the University of Miami, but states that she is primarily more of a self-taught artist. She has run her own professional graphic design company for over 15 years.

Through the use of rich colors and textures, Sierra has created her own personal vocabulary in a visual form. Expressing this through forms and entities allows her to tap into her own spiritual world and fragile emotions that travel through individuals. Her images depict a journey of unspoken words and hidden whispers of pain, hope, freedom, nurturing and immortality that exist within all of us. These feelings are resurfaced and unveiled through images of birds, amorphous figures, and abstract surroundings placing the viewer in the magical mystical world of unconscious thought.

"The joy of a painter is to establish a deep sense of communication with each individual person," Sierra says. "The emotion that a person feels upon examining a piece of art, whether it’s a feeling of sadness, joy, self-reflection, or serenity is the beauty of this communication. This is the transition that places the final brush stroke on the artist canvas. Therefore one canvas represents the window to millions of different emotions, that have existed and exist through all of us. Also giving the viewer a powerful tool to look within his own spiritual world for the understanding of life’s universal journey."


by Loic Renin