Lombardi On Broadway

Football and theatre, an unlikely pair, make a great team in the Broadway production, Lombardi at the Circle in the Square produced in association with the National Football League. The tale of a football legend on the rise takes us back to a time when men were men and “pride still mattered” and Vince Lombardi had just become a household name in a Midwest town called Green Bay.

Set during the 1965 season, when the Green Bay Packers won their third NFL Championship, just before winning back to back Super Bowls, Lombardi paints a story about a complicated man and perfectionist who became one the greatest football coaches of all time. Shattering the stereotypes, its playbook is filled with more than just power sweeps and strategies but human relationships and personal transformations on and off the field, giving a day in the life look into not only a great coach but how a man shared his life with the people around him.

Come to experience a legend long gone but relish the superb acting and intimate moments shared amongst those who surrounded an icon. Dan Lauria (known for his role as the Dad from The Wonder Years) fittingly embodies the physicality of Lombardi down to the squinted eyes and gap tooth grin as well as the bellowing sound bites that once pushed young men to their best. Judith Light’s portrayal of Lombardi’s wife, Marie, is a real treat from her great one liner’s and brilliant comic timing to the simple truths she reveals about a woman following love and standing by her man. Michael McCormick works well as reporter, Keith Nobbs, narrating and driving us through the action and mythology surrounding Lombardi and the Packers. Among the football players, Bill Dawes as Paul Hornung adds a great charm and humor to this ensemble’s brilliant team of actors. The simple set and action work well in a theater in the round context and the playing space at Circle in the Square from depicting bright stadium lights for on the field action to the one-on-one moments shared in the Lombardi living room.

Tackling the humanity of a sport not just its traditions, Lombardi is a play about people who have principles and inspire whether you live with your heart on or off the football field. So whether you are one of the millions who tune into the Super Bowl for the ads or the game, a die hard Packers fan or just a lover of football, Lombardi proves to be a man worth knowing and a story worth watching.

by Shauna Horn